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"Realized today were once a dream."- Seçkin S. Durası

I share with everybody the details of each project I have done, the problems that I have encountered, and the solutions to the problems. I aim to get different views, to contribute individual productions to the communities, to transfer everybody success to followers.

The idea, products, services, information and projects are licensed and registered.

My About

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Web and Graphic Design Specialist

Digital Designer - Web and Graphic Design, HR. Economics, Digital Design Products and Content Production
Seçkin Sefa Durası

My About

Professional Production Areas After Academic Education and Individual Jobs

Communication (with Academic Education)

Public Relations, Human Resources

Economics (with Academic Education)

Economics, Finance, Banking, Accounting

Graphic Design

Graphics, Charcoal Drawing, Illustration, Cartoon

Web Design

Original Web Site Design, Responsive Productions, AMP Design, Wordpress

Web Software



Autodesk 3DS Max, Corel, Sketchup

Foreign Language

English, German


Just instrumental, soundtrack productions, classic guitar




Short Stories, Novel Experiments, Scenarios


Simple daily use material ideas (project only)

Mobile Game

Unreal Engine, Unity, Cry Engine, Production and Publishing

Youtube Content

Lessons and personal development videos

Udemy Content

Unreal Engine 4 Lesson videos


Social networking, access, simple vehicle production

I share with everybody the details of each project I have done,

the problems I have encountered, and the solutions to the problems. I aim to gain different opinions, to contribute to the social life of individual productions.

The idea, products, services, information and projects are licensed and registered.

Periodical Development of Software Information by Date


1.Period - Experience

- First discovery of the computer (2000) - 1-2 hour review. Lessons were two years later.

- Primary school 4th grade computer lessons (2002-2004) - Specialize in Win98. Create wonders in M.0ffice 2000.

- First personal computer (2006) - No internet, no current software, except for one or two simple games, the computer only has M.Office programs. I was not idle; I even made an animated movie using power point.

- I moved to Istanbul for school. (2007) - High school.


2.Period - Knowledge

- Limited access to the Internet (2007) - I am discovering new softwares with limited internet, I am collecting information from software development-based forum sites myself without training and spending hours.

- Earning revenue for the first time from a project prepared on a computer. (2008) - :)

- Discovery of modeling software (2008) - Exploring Adobe content, exploring 3D animation, flash animation programs.

- Website Tries (2008) - Internet access is better now. first web site (for cargo), flash theme, HTML discovery. To better understand the structure of the html, I used a completely crawling blogger infrastructure in a single mistake.

- Website Tries (2011) - university, I realized website ideas when the lessons was over.

- HTML (2013) - First personal website. First steps to dreams.


3.Period - Development

- HTML, java, eclipse (2014) - Foreign coding sites, helper code tools, source archive complete. There is curiosity for Android, but there is no time.

- PHP, MYSQL, Android Studio, Unity (2015) - Creating a large source in PHP, well memorizing MySQL and its variants, getting used to Android Studio a bit more. Unity is also the first game! But I did not publish it.

- UE4 Mobile Game (2016) - My first game on Google Play!


4.Period - Preparation

- Web based automations (2017) - It is a fully compatible, instantaneous, self-testing, self-accounting, statistics, reporting, closed social network automation system.

- Seamless Android Application Generation (2017) - Now I can create apps from scratch within hours, I can earn revenue by integrating mobile payment or ad delivery system into my app.

- First Apple App (2017) - It was a dream come true. I am now an Apple Developer. Even two weeks after my account was opened; I installed OSX10.12 as a virtual drive in windows 10 system and I prepared and published a chat program with Xcode. NightCall Chat, which I posted on Android, is now available on the IOS platform. So that everyone can chat anonymously ;)

- Hacivat Game (2017) - I will publish on the IOS and ANDROID platfroms with 12 language support, advanced level optimization, story mode, multiplayer support, and so on, which I have set up in my head for two years but I do not have the necessary information and possibilities. (Android Released, IOS on hold.)

- PDO (2017) - I have now switched to the PHP PDO system in its entirety.

- Sıfırdan Web Sitesi (2017) - I can prepare a web site completely from scratch, including the admin panel, by preparing the CSS HTML code after designing the website in PSD format and pulling data from PHP with the data.

- UDEMY UE4 Course (2017) - I started sharing all the knowledge, experience and specially written codes/templates of the Unreal Engine game engine with everyone.


5.Period - Production

(2018) - Every area I have full competence; I will make this year more meaningful by sharing the knowledge, experience and methods I have developed with everyone. The projects I have developed individually at address. I will publish the projects we will develop together at

- AMP (2018) - AMP - Accelerated Mobile Page system, I began to do research before heard in Turkey amp, amp design as the original did, and WordPress for customers. I share my experience with AMP Web Design and new developments in the industry at

History of Technical Knowledge, Development of My Trainings

'98 - '06

1998-2006 I read at the Cide Cumhuriyet Primary School.

In 2005, my art teacher at Cide offered the talent exams in Ankara, but I could not attend because of the transportation / guidance / time problems instead of the exam.

2006 I moved to Istanbul in 2006.

'07 - '11

2006-2007 I studied at Kadıköy 29 October Elementary School between 2006-2007.

2007-2011 I studied at Kadikoy Mehmed Bayazıd High School between 2007 and 2011.

2008 I learned my own researches in 2008 without getting an HTML (coding language) course.

2009 In 2009 I was the first in the Chess Tournament, and in 2010 I was the second school. I could not attend the Inter-High School and Regional Chess Tournaments due to school administrative mistakes. In the following years, I did not apply because of the intensity of preparation for the university.

2010 In 2010 I took part in the design and printing of weekly school magazines for high school.

2011 I participated in the High School Interview Story Competition in 2011, I did not get the degree.

2010-2011 Between the years 2010-2011 Prof. Dr. İ. Başlıoğlu took the Charcoal Drawing Technics course at Başlıoğlu Workshop.

2011 I won a 50% scholarship at the Kemerburgaz University Graphic Design Competence Exam. I did not win Marmara University exam. My plans changed. I have not registered.

2011 YGS with Kocaeli University Kandıra Vocational High School Public Relations Program.

'12 - '16

2012 I investigated the industrial zone project, which was not established in Kocaeli / Kandira for 4 years in 2012, as a public relations work with my own efforts. I did research on the point of view of local people and the solution of problems. I listened to the local people, took their requests and prepared a solution report comparing them with the demands of the industrialists. Provide solutions to the authorities that I found in the direction of the report. I explained to the authorities the solutions I found in the report.

2013 I graduated from Kocaeli University in 2013.

2013 DGS with Istanbul University's Public Relations Completion Program.

2013 YGS-LYS with the Economics Program of the Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University.

2013 I founded digital design site in July 2013. Until the end of 2016, I developed a lot of new places, opened new web sites.

2014 I learned PHP (coding language) with my own research.

2014 I learned After Effect, 3D Max (digital design, modeling) with my own research.

2015 I learned UNITY (Mobile Game Development) with my own research.

2015 Turkey's first and only personalized digital flipbook design service I founded the website, I developed the service.

2015 I learned UNREAL ENGINE (PC Game Development) with my own research.

2015 I got an English course with active communication and business communication from A. Kökçınar.

2015 I got the Classical Guitar Course from S. Şahin. (Basic start only)

2016 I got an English course with active conversation and business communication-oriented German lesson in beginning and further transition from A. Kökçınar.

2016 I got the Classical Guitar Course from B. Durmaz. I could not go on during the busy work and school period.

'17 - '18

2017 I learned Xcode Apple Developer (IOS App Development) with my own research.

2017 I have prepared a PSD design, translated it into HTML base, typed php encoding, linked the admin panel and reached the level where the web site could be broadcasted one by one.

2017 I have posted a course on the UE4 game engine system in the UDEMY system.

2018 I published the address At, members are allowed to share content in certain categories in order to make it a platform for everyone to offer unlimited digital content.

2018 I installed I've done a lot of AMP site design. I share my experience at, I am reporting new developments.

My last words

For those who are more interested in

I have always been interested in the concepts of painting, design, software, music, chess, electric-electronics, space research, science. However, in these areas I will not be able to work, produce ideas and projects, and be able to acquire knowledge.

From the day I start to set my goals, every moment of my life is going through struggles. I gave labor, I spent time. I always get on the long way to the destinations that are short due to the impossibilities. I learned a lesson from every mistake, I experienced it. If I had a good education in the direction of my talents, I would have been writing today that I had realized bigger projects here. But as long as there is faith and determination, no matter what kind of obstacle, every goal is reached.

Current Status

Last update: March 2014 - March 2017 My big targets are waiting. I am currently studying at two universities, working in various jobs to meet tuition fees. When I can devote myself to digital design work. In 2018, all my goals will be achieved. When that day comes, will I be able to reach the targets?

Last update: Eylül 2017 After working as freelancer for a while I now work actively in Web and Graphic Design. My bachelor's degree in Economics was little to finish. After graduation, students will continue for a while in different areas.
I continue to develop my weekly projects for the other half of my dreams that are waiting to be realized both for my personal social responsibility studies that I have developed.
There is only one problem. After that I can not succeed alone.
I must reach those who are curious, investigate, do not give up, want to pursue their dreams. Because of all these reasons, I will teach all the knowledge and experience, how I spend hours and do not know the content I produce. I will develop existing projects and produce new projects.

Never Give Up

The reason I write so detailed; I want to see those who read these lines, those who acquire new ideas among the site content, that is, you get an inspiration, what you achieve when you struggle against the difficulties, you get to be reified, maybe you actually have new ideas. Is there a path that has already come to fruition with success, determination, patience and hardship? In that case, help others. Because nobody made the roads easy for us and we were tired. Help those who have trouble. Let's move fast together.

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