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"Realized today were once a dream."- Seçkin S. Durası

I share with everybody the details of each project I have done, the problems that I have encountered, and the solutions to the problems. I aim to get different views, to contribute individual productions to the communities, to transfer everybody success to followers.

The idea, products, services, information and projects are licensed and registered.

My About

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Web and Graphic Design Specialist

Book trailer for the introduction of the novel
Story:I prepared a trailer for 3 novels by the publisher to the new market. - 2014
UHD Corporate Video

UHD Corporate Video

Are Corporate Video Ready? 4K, UHD image quality options, product and service presentation. Prepare video content for your social media accounts on the opening page of your website.

Production Options

  • Existing Video Installation
  • Soundtrack Production
  • Plato Video
  • Studio Video
  • Outdoor Video

2014 - 2018 Productions

  • Siyah Palto Novel / Book Video - 2014
  • Sedefkar Novel / Book Video - 2014
  • I have been working as a Web and Graphic Designer between June 2018 and June 2017. I have created products in Webiskod Corporate Web Design and SEO Agency:
  • 1 dakikada Nedir? / Webiskod Instagram Series 2018

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